Markdown spell check in Sublime

Okay. There were tons of typos in my previous post, despite all reviews and fixes. So if something can be done automatically, it should be done automatically.

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Machine learning with Python. Linear regression. Part 1

I’m taking cool Machine Learning class at Coursera, so to get better understanding of the material, decided to write a series of blog posts about it. As it clear from the post title, I’m going to explain what linear regression is and how it works. I don’t like to read long-long posts because somewhere in the middle I can’t get rid of feeling that the beginning of the post became vague and most of facts were forgotten. So it’s going to be short and painless.

   python, machine learning

ASCII Art With Python

I was always curious about creating cool ASCII “pictures” from actual images and finally decided to figure out how to do it. It’s fairly simple. What we need to do is to resize image to fit in ASCII console (120 columns) keeping it’s original ratio. Then convert it to greyscale and map grey level to ASCII symbol.

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Blogging with GitHub pages and Jekyll

Okay. This is going to be another article about GitHub pages, Jekyll and how to start blogging using theese cool tools. There are plenty of manuals about the topic, but since I’m windows user and spent some time trying to set up everything I’m going to describe the process from the very beginning. Creating GitHub pages First of all you need to create a site using GitHub pages. Go to the http://github.

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